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Datum: Mi, 04.12.2013 19:15
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Exhibition Opening and Advent Reception with Photographs by Joanne Leonard, Ann Arbor, MI.
The artist will be present.

For Joanne Leonard, preserving newspaper clippings is something of an urgent task since future generations may know only digital versions of these fragile pages of newspaper.
The artist juxtaposes the fleeting news images with more stable images in books. By doing so, she creates a conversation between present and past while emphasizing the relative permanence of books over newsprint. Both manage to be deeply relevant to the collective shifts of society. These new works are what the artist describes as momentary collages with recently clipped news images carefully propped up on the book’s open pages. 
From Dec. 5 to Dec. 20 and Jan. 7 to March 14, 2014 (Tue–Fri, 9 a.m.–6 p.m.).
In cooperation with Verein der Freunde der Städtepartnerschaft Tübingen – Ann Arbor e.V. and kindly supported by the Fachbereich Kultur of the University Town of Tuebingen
© Joanne Leonard MusicBoys

Lisa McDonald, in Ann Arbor, wrote on November 20, 2012:

Just wanted to remind folks of the AWESOME Kindlefest going on (in Kerrytown) in conjunction with Midnight Madness, Friday, November 30th!
We will have glühwein, lantern parade, over 70 vendors, beer tent, fire pits...
We can always use a few volunteers to help set up, and more importantly, take down.
Marianne Rauer is rounding up a few people to help and to man a German booth.
TeaHaus will be selling German cookies and we have an info booth if anyone would like to bring info about the TÜ exchange.








The KindleFest took place on Friday, November 30, 2012, in Ann Arbor.
This was the fourth year of the popular KindleFest: a taste of Germany in Ann Arbor.
A mug for Glühwein in the form of a boot had the picture from the Observer of the KindleFest from the year before printed on it.
Architect Anne Cox sold TÜ-AA t-shirts with the help of her daughter and her daughter’s friends at a stand in Kerrytown. Norm Tyler, who was in Tübingen as a part of the exchange on sustainability in June 2012, came by for a bit of Glühwein.
They hope to keep the Tübingen – Ann Arbor partnership in the public eye.









Austausch zwischen den Partnerstädten Tübingen und Ann Arbor, Juni 2012
Fünfzehn StadtplanerInnen, ArchitektInnen, und interessierte Bürger aus Ann Arbor haben uns in Tübingen im Rahmen des professionellen Austausches 'Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung' besucht. Wir in Tübingen haben uns bemüht, unseren Gästen aus der Partnerstadt ein interessantes und abwechslungsreiches Programm anzubieten, was einen Tag auf der Schwäbischen Alp und einen Tag in Stuttgart mit beinhaltet hat. Die Woche fing mit einer Stockerkahnfahrt am Neckar an und schloss mit einem Fest im Schwaben Haus am Neckar ab. Uns war es wieder mal ein Beweis dafür, wie wertvoll und schön ein Austausch mit der Partnerstadt sein kann. Wir freuen uns auf die neuen Freundschaften und auf die Perspektive, unsere Begegnungen fort zusetzen.























Exchange between the partner cities Tuebingen and Ann Arbor, June 2012
Fifteen city planners, architects, and interested citizens from Ann Arbor visited us in Tübingen in June 2012 as a part of the professional exchange on Sustainable Urban Development. We in Tübingen tried to offer our guests an interesting and varied program that included a day on the Swabian Alb and a day in Stuttgart. The week began with a punt boat ride on the Neckar River and concluded with a farewell party in the Swabian House, also on the Neckar River. This exchange proved to us once again how valuable and wonderful an exchange with the partner city can be. We enjoy having made so many new friends and are looking forward to meetings in the future.
























Austausch von Stadtplanern, Architekten und interessierten Bürgern  der Partnerstädte Tübingen und Ann Arbor
Nach einer erfolgreichen Reise einer Tübinger Gruppe mit Stadtplanern, Architekten und Interessierten Bürgern nach Ann Arbor im Sommer 2011 erwarten wir eine Gruppe mit Stadtplanern, Architekten und Interessierten Bürgern aus Ann Arbor in Tübingen, 17. -  23. Juni 2012.
Zum Thema 'Nachhaltigkeit in Stadtentwicklung' haben wir ein interessantes Programm für die Gäste vorbereitet.
Wir möchten alle einladen, die kurzen Vorträge unserer Ann Arbor Gäste zum Thema „Sustainability Practices in Michigan – Looking after People, Places and the Environment“ im d.a.i. am Montag, 18. Juni, 18:00 Uhr zu besuchen.

Carolyn Melchers
Freunde der Städtepartnerschaft Tübingen - Ann Arbor e.V.
Friends of the City Partnership Tuebingen - Ann Arbor
c/o Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Tübingen, Karlstr. 3, 72072 Tübingen
d.a.i.-Fax 07071 79526-26

Exchange of City Planners, Architects and Interested Citizens between the partner cities Tuebingen and Ann Arbor
Following the successful trip of Tuebingen city planners, architects and interested citizens to Ann Arbor in June 2011, we are looking forward to the return visit of a group of city planners, architects and interested citizens from Ann Arbor, June 17 – 23, 2012.
For the theme of “Sustainability in Urban Development” we have prepared an interesting program for our guests.
We want to invite you to the presentation of 5 short talks about “Sustainability Practices in Michigan – Looking after People, Places and the Environment” by our guests from Ann Arbor on Monday, June 18, at 6:00 pm in the German-American Institute, Karlstr. 3, 72072 Tübingen.

Programm und Anmeldung:
Program (PDF)

Professioneller Austausch über Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung
Ein professioneller Austausch über nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung mit Architekten, Stadtplanern und interessierten Bürgern der Stadt Tübingen fand im Juni 2011 in Ann Arbor, Detroit und Chicago statt. Ein Gegenbesuch wird in Tübingen im Juni 2012 folgen. Diese Fotos geben einen kurzen Einblick zu Ann Arbor, Detroit und Chicago, den die 17 Tübinger erlebt haben. Das Programm war dicht und höchst interessant: eine Universitätsstadt mit ersten deutschen Einwohnern, eine Großstadt, die zwei Drittel ihrer Bevölkerung verloren hat, und eine amerikanische Großstadt, die sich trotz aller wirtschaftlicher Umbrüche behauptet.



































Professional Exchange on Sustainable Urban Development
A professional exchange on sustainable urban development with architects, city planners and interested citizens of Tuebingen took place in Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Chicago in June of 2011. A return visit to Tuebingen will follow in June of 2012. These photos give an impression of the Ann Arbor, Detroit and Chicago that the 17 from Tuebingen experienced. The program was full and extremely interesting: a university town with original German settlers, a large industrial city that has lost two thirds of its population, and an American metropolis that, despite economic challenges, has been able to remain vibrant.



































First Christmas Market in Ann Arbor!
Report with Photos from Carol Kappus
December 6, 2010

Hello Ann Arbor - Tübingen Friends,
On Friday, December 3, we had our first Christmas Market and I am glad to report that it was a great success. We took over a section of the Kerrytown Farmers Market and created a small but gemütlich Christmas Market with red and white roofed booths, lots of lights and greens, Glühwein that was so delicious it sold out in about 90 minutes (Lisa made it), wursts from Sparrows, spicy nuts, Stollen, Lebkuchen, all the things you crave at this time of year. Most of all, many German families came with their children and filled the place with a happy feeling that spread to us all.
We were blessed with many wonderful volunteers from the U of M German Club, the U of M Pre-Dental Club, the U of M Circle K Club, and our friends from GBU 630 and German Park. It was a lot of work but with the many volunteers we were able to pull it off. So, many many thanks to all of them!
I am also glad to report that we made enough money to almost break even. We sold out of almost everything but we still have quite a few of the yummy Christmas nuts left. Here's where you come in. The remaining Christmas Market nuts are for sale at the TeaHaus. They normally sell for $5.00 a cone but if you say you are from the Friends of the Ann Arbor - Tübingen Sister Cities Relationship, you can buy that same cone of delicious nuts for $4.00!!!! What a bargain and you will be doing your part to support our club and making activities like this possible for the future. So stop by the TeaHaus (204 North Fourth St in Kerrytown) and have a cup of one of Lisa's delicious Christmas teas and buy a cone or two of Christmas nuts. Take them home and warm them up a bit and mmmmmmm.... delicious!!!! Close your eyes and you'll think you are in Stuttgart!
Froehliche Weihnachten!!
Carol Kappus
Friends of the Ann Arbor – Tübingen Sister Cities Relationship